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Website information is provided to the public as general information in an outline form, and only used as common information for communication and reference. Dawnrays Pharma is dedicating to provide reasonable, accurate and complete information, but doesn’t guarantee the rationality, accuracy and integrality of the information, and doesn’t bear any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by irrationality, inaccuracy or omission of information. All the information of this website platform is for reference only, and is not the basis for any trading and service; if anyone has used information above privately and deviations occurred, Dawnrays Pharma shall not be liable, and doesn't take any legal responsibility.

Medical Information

The information of this website platform may contain some common information about all kinds of medicines and its therapies, and this kind of information provided as common knowledge for reference only, and it doesn’t replace diagnosis or treatment plan made by Medical Institutions or Practicing physician. If involved in health care or disease diagnosis, you should consult to your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals.


For any loss (including but not limited to direct, occasional, indirect or punitive) caused by website content errors or omissions (including but not limited to force majeure or accident affecting device or network normal running, such as computers or mobile device attacked by hacker, computer virus strike or attack, temporary suspension caused by government regulation), Dawnrays Pharma can be exempt from the liability, and won't assume any compensation liability.


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The copyright of other's articles, pictures, and audio video file information used in website belongs to the obligee. Due to objective reasons, Dawnrays Pharma is unable to obtain obligee's authorization and might cause the infringement, please informs us through email or telephone promptly. Dawnrays Pharma shall take appropriate measures immediately to avoid unnecessary economic losses to both sides.

Non-Confidential Information

Whatever information user summits to website, including all comments, opinions, proposes, notes, charts, graphs, concepts and other kind of information, it means that the user has awarded the information and relative rights to Dawnrays Pharma for free. Information is not considered to be confidential unless user has made clear written statement, which could be copied, used, disclosed and diffused to others without limitation under the condition of no authorization, and Dawnrays Pharma won't assume any liability or responsibility for its use and transmission.

Governing Laws

You are prohibited from submitting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, defamatory,libelous, obscene, scandalous, pornographic, or profane material or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law. To obey strictly the Chinese law about the regulations of medicine information , any product information is forbiden to release on the public media. Website is a unclassified internet information platform, we suggest that users disclose your personal information carefully. Dawnrays will not bear the obligation of confidentiality for users disclose personal informations on this Website.

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For more information about Dawnrays Pharma, the Investor Relations Hotline: (86)512-65626868-2111, the Medical Information Hotline: (86)512-65626868-6207, the Domesitic Distribution Hotline: (86)512-65626868-6205, the Export & Import Business Hotline: (86)512-65626868-6315, the Customer Sevice Hotline: (86)512-65626868-6208. Please call us at working time ( 9:00AM - 11:30AM and 1:00PM - 5:00PM on working days ).


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