Dawnrays Pharma is principally engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of cephalosporin antibiotics and system specific medicines. The antibiotic products cover pharmaceutical intermediates, bulk medicines, powder for injections and oral antibiotics. The system specific medicines cover therapeutic areas for cardiovascular system, anti-HBV, anti-allergic, digestive system, urinary system and endocrine system with dosage forms of tablets, capsules and granules.

For the production of cephalosporin antibiotics, Dawnrays Pharma adopts a distinctive comprehensive vertically integrated process from pharmaceutical intermediates to bulk medicines and finished drugs. In particular in the area of chemical synthesis for the 3rd generation cephalosporin, it is equipped with advanced technology platform, the quality of products has reached international advanced level, which has established an industrial chain of cephalosporin with extensive product portfolio, perfect comprehensive coordinated function, potentially high production capacity, hence we are the first chosen raw material supplier for domestic major pharmaceutical manufacturers and many overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers.

At present, Dawnrays Pharma has established a series of cardiovascular drugs' brand equity represented by "An", while specific medicines viz. "Amlozen™", "An Neixi", "Cecoride™", "Rallyado™" are all among the first batch of generics in China received approval for launching into the China market and their market shares have been ranked high.

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