System Specific Medicines of Dawnrays Pharma cover Cardiovascular, Anti-allergic, Anti-HBV, Digestive System, Urinary system, Endocrine System etc., it has established many leading brands in the Cardiovascular, Anti-allergic and Anti-HBV fields.
The dosage forms include tablets, capsules and granules, and research fields are mainly focused on the first generic of System Specific Medicines.
Dawnrays Pharma has sold over 7 billion tablets or capsules of all kinds of System Specific Medicines worldwide as at the end of 2016.

Sound Development Momentum of the Group’s System Specific Medicines Sales
The annual sales volume of the solid-dosage-forms
Dawnrays Pharma is devoted to the development, manufacturing and sales of System Specific Medicines, the sales of solid-dosage-forms was over 1.1 billion tablets / capsules in 2016.

The Sales Ratio Map
Insist on the implementation of brand developing strategy, optimizing the structure of business to improve competition, Dawnrays Pharma has enhanced the sales ratio of System Specific Medicines from 10.35% in 2003 to 69.87% in 2015.

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