After many years of development, Dawnrays Pharma has more than 100 professional R & D personnel who have pioneering spirit and profound academic background that involves multiple professional areas of chemistry, pharmacy, analysis, pharmacology and medicine, etc.. It gradually forms the academic advisor team of experts, research and development team of new medicine, innovation team of process and technology. It undertakes the research tasks of new medicine research and development as well as innovation of process and technology in Dawnrays Pharma.

Academic Advisers

Mr. ZHONG, Nan Shan, was invited to join the Group as a Senior Academic Adviser in April 2004. He graduated from Beijing Medical University, and pursued his studies in the Respiratory Medicine Unit of the Royal Infirmary, University of Edinburgh and the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the St. Bartholomew's Hospital, University of London. Mr. Zhong was the president of Chinese Medical Association. He is currently the academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Professor of Internal Medicine in Guangzhou Medical College, the president of Guangzhou Association of Science and Technology, the director of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease and the director-general of State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease. Mr. Zhong has been a medical adviser of the World Health Organisation Advisory Panel since 2000. He has written 4 books and published over 120 papers in the last decade. After the battle of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ("SARS"), he was invited to be the lecturer in the annual meeting of American Thoracic Society "Management of SARS in China" in Seattle, the United States.

Mr. MEI, Hua, was invited to join the Group as a Senior Academic Adviser in April 2004. He graduated from Guangzhou South China Medical College and was qualified as the specialist in urology from The First Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University and Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. He has been the adviser and professor of Department of Urology of The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University since 1980 and a director of Department of Urology of Shenzhen Sun Yat-sen Hospital since 1986. Since 1991, he has been the adviser for doctoral candidates in the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. He was the committee member of Urological Association of Asia, American Urological Association and was the committee vice president of The Urological Society of Chinese Medical Association. Mr. Mei has also written 3 books about urology and surgery.

Ms. LIU, Li Sheng, was invited to join the Group as a Senior Academic Adviser in May 2005. She obtained a Bachelor degree of Science in Biology from Yenching University, Beijing in 1950, and a Doctor of Medicine from Peking Union Medical College, Beijing in 1954. From 1980 to 1981, she pursued her postdoctoral research in the Cardiovascular Research and Training Centre, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. She is currently the Professor of Medicine in Fu Wai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, the director of Clinical Trials and Research Centre, Chinese Hypertension League in Beijing and the vice director of the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease Control & Research in China. She was the president of the Chinese Society of Cardiology, the president of the Chinese Hypertension League and the president of Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension. Ms. Liu has also been the vice president of the World Hypertension League and the co-chairperson of the Scientific Steering Committee of Global Health Forum Cardiovascular Disease in Developing Countries, World Health Organization since 1999. In 2006, Ms. Liu has been elected to be the president of the World Hypertension League. She is also the chief editor of the Chinese Journal of Hypertension and the members of a number of editorial boards of journals in cardiology and hypertension.

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