The founder of Dawnrays Pharma began to establish company in Hong Kong since the beginning of the 1980's as well as to develop international medicine trade business. Later, it became the leading enterprise in Hong Kong that operates Chinese medicine trade business. The founder began to invest in domestic pharmaceutical industry when it was the peak time of trade business. At first, it invested in a joint venture producing APIs in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Then it invested in another manufacturing enterprise of powder for injections in special economic zone in Zhuhai ,Guangdong province. After many years of operation practice, the founder of Dawnrays Pharma accumulated abundant knowledge and valuable experience among the areas of product development, production management and market promotion of pharmaceutical-chemical intermediates, APIs and preparations, which created favourable conditions for the founding of the enterprise that vertically integrates the medicine production, marketing and research.

In 1995, the tourism industry was transformed into industrial manufacturing in Suzhou. Suzhou is the adjoining neighbor of Shanghai and has particularly favourable advantages of talents and technologies as well as the caring from Suzhou local government. The founder established Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in December 1995 in Suzhou whose main products are cephalosporin APIs and intermediates.

After nearly two years of basic preparation, Dawnrays Pharma successfully passed the Chinese drug GMP certification in January 1998 and thus became one of the first batch of Chinese Pharmaceutical enterprises that had the GMP certificate. As to research and development, Dawnrays Pharma takes the first generics as main pharmaceutical research orientation. It chooses various production lines of third generation cephalosporin products and various system specific medicines.

As to the building of sales team, Dawnrays Pharma builds many sales teams in China according to different product lines, which cover multiple modes of export and import, sales, wholesale, retail and clinical promotion, etc.. It set up more than 90 offices nationwide, among which, 40% are located in first-tier cities and 30% are located in second-tier cities. It has the capacity to rapidly deliver the new product to hospitals. Dawnrays Pharma achieved a breakthrough in the production technology of cefoperazone solvent-out crystallization in 2000, and it quickly occupied 80% market share of sterile raw materials of cefoperazone in China in that year. Dawnrays Pharma has succesfullly developed the cephalosporin sterile APIs and intermediates of Cefoperazone Sodium, Ceftriaxone Sodium, Cefotaxime Sodium, Sulbactam Sodium and mixed powder of Cefoperazone Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium that has excellent quality and domestic leading sales volume. It became the preferred cephalosporin supplier of well-known domestic and overseas enterprises. It successfully builds the brand of Dawnrays™ in the market of cephalosporin products.

In 2001, Dawnrays Pharma was ranked amongst top 400 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry and it was ranked 41st in terms of profit;

In 2002, the gross proceeds from sales of Dawnrays Pharma was ranked 69th in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and it was ranked 26th in terms of total profit;

On 11 July 2003, Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Limited was listed in main-board successfully in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. It is the first enterprise located in Suzhou to be listed in Hong Kong and the first pharmaceutical enterprise of Jiangsu to be listed in Hong Kong.

In 2003, the gross proceeds from sales of Dawnrays Pharma was ranked 31st out of Chinese pharmaceutical industry and it was ranked 13th in terms of total profit.


The founder of Dawnrays Pharma aims high. It does not satisfy with the current condition that Dawnrays Pharma is an influential manufacturing enterprise of third generation cephalosporin products at home and abroad. After nearly 10 years of efforts, Dawnrays Pharma has been a leader of system specific medicines in China. It has successfully developed the excellent products brands which have leading sales volume among the system special areas of cardiovascular, anti-hepatitis B virus and anti-allergy, etc., such as Amlozen™, An Neixi, Rallyado™ and Cecoride™.

As to new products research and development, Dawnrays Pharma issued K-CITONE™ in 2012. It is the only chemical medicine in China that can be used for the prevention and treatment of urinary stones. Dawnrays Pharma is also one of rare domestic manufacturers with the production approval of that drug. At present, K-CITONE™ is under multicenter, phase IV clinical trial, which is hopeful to be another star product of Dawnrays Pharma within 3-5 years. Moreover, Dawnrays Pharma gained the production approval of Rallyado™ 1mg in 2015. The strength has significant market advantages in indications and economics area. It is conductive to that Dawnrays Pharma occupies a larger market share.

Relying on noble sense of responsibility for society and prospective idea, Dawnrays Pharma always devotes itself to the health of human beings and works hard to be a world class Pharmaceutical enterprise.

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