The building and developing of Dawnrays Pharma was based on the enterprise management idea of "Attend to Health, Persist in Creation" rather than just opportunity and acting recklessly.

Dawnrays Pharma was invested and founded in China in December 1995 with the clear orientation that the third generation of cephalosporin antibiotics would be able to accomplish great deeds. Then the company devoted all its resources to develop the products of cephalosporin antibiotics. After several years of efforts, Dawnrays Pharma finally became the first one that grasped the international competitive production technology of cefoperazone solvent crystallization in China around 2000. Before long, the cephalosporin antibiotic products produced by Dawnrays Pharma had been the favourite in Chinese pharmaceutical market. The sales volume of cefoperazone sodium (solvent crystallization) occupied 80% of Chinese market share for a time. The sales volume of Cepchine™ was more than 100 million vials continuously for many years. Xian Shu gained the special approval of CFDA to be stored in a cool and dark place for its supreme quality (other products with the same chemical component were required to be stored in a cold place)...

Beyond all question, Dawnrays Pharma had been one shining star in the Chinese pharmaceutical market of cephalosporin antibiotics. However, Dawnrays Pharma does not stop there. The board of directors looks far ahead and aims high. Just when the cephalosporin antibiotics were having a prosperous market in China, Dawnrays Pharma chose the vigorous development of cardiovascular system drugs as the strategic development orientation of the enterprise after 2006.

Relying on powerful strength of the status of being a main board listed company in Hong Kong, Dawnrays Pharma gradually cultivates antihypertensive products of "An" series (such as Amlozen™, An Neixi, Armotan™, An Meiping, An Liya). The company was invited to participate in National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China during the "11th Five-Year Plan "-Chinese Hypertension Intervention Efficacy Study (CHIEF Study) that started in 2007. Moreover, it is thus the only study partner and designated supplier of medicine for the study of that project and thus enjoys the study / academic achievement transformation and development rights.

At present, there are about 3 million hypertensives in China who take antihypertensive products of "An" series produced by Dawnrays Pharma, it is 0.9% of 0.33 billion total hypertensives in China, and there is still large room to grow in the future.

Chinese government issued the policy of "Order of Antibiotics Limitation" after 2011. Though the business of cephalosporin antibiotics had occupied half of group business of Dawnrays Pharma, 80% profit of the group had resulted from specialized drug benefited from vigorous cultivation of system special medicines in the past 5 years. The national "Antibiotics Limitation" had no much influence on the group's profit performance.

Dawnrays Pharma does not satisfy with the technology leading superiority in the area of cephalosporin antibiotics and the large market basis of "An" series of antihypertensive drugs. The company issued “Rallyado™” in 2010, which is the first-line product of anti-hepatitis B virus drug. As the frontline medicine for curing chronic hepatitis B, the “Rallyado™” produced by Dawnrays Pharma tops the list for sales volume in Chinese market at present. Moreover, Dawnrays Pharma also energetically develops the overseas market. It signs a contract with GSK Company to supply the Hong Kong and Macau markets with Entecavir Dispersible Tablets. Besides, it has successfully developed the Kazakhstan market. Rallyado™ is now the only domestic Entecavir that has been exported overseas.

Via more than ten years effort of development, Dawnrays Pharma gained the production approval of K-CITONE™ in October 2012 and thus become one of rare domestic manufacturers with the production approval of that drug. The K-CITONE™ produced by Dawnrays Pharma is the only chemical medicine in China that can be used for the prevention and treatment of urinary stones. K-CITONE™ is at present under multicenter, phase IV clinical trial, which is hopeful to be another star product of Dawnrays Pharma in 3-5 years.

Dawnrays Pharma takes "Attend to Health, Persist in Creation" as its maximum attraction of company advancing. At the same time, it continuously issues market competitive products and will be the Chinese even global leader among some medicine areas.

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