The core values of our Group are "integrity, justice, ambition and enterprising". It is the important content of enterprise culture of Dawnrays Pharma. It is the Dawnrays Pharma’s spirit advocated by the enterprise founder and the basic principle of behaviour of all the staff in Dawnrays Pharma.

Around with the noble enterprise spirit of "integrity, justice, ambition and enterprising", Dawnrays Pharma provides a vast platform of professional managers for its enterprises in China. The staff will be welcomed to grow together with the company as long as she or he has the working capacity and abides by the enterprise spirit of “integrity, justice, ambition and enterprising” no matter which position she or he is in.

"Integrity" is the earthiest belief of Dawnrays Pharma and its staff. We believe that Dawnrays Pharma shall be a company with great ambition and social responsibility. In a moment of era upheaval and in this numerous and complicated world, we adhere to the firm belief and noble morality so as to build the best enterprise.

"Justice" is our most fundamental behaviour requirement. We believe that only when we deal with affairs fairly and treat people equally we can create an atmosphere of mutual trust and fully mobilize all favourable factors to construct Dawnrays Pharma’s business.

"Ambition" refers to that the Dawnrays Pharma’s staffs will consciously unite together and go forward together for the same goal. We realize that the strength and effect of one individual is limited, and the individual potential value can be maximized only in the participation of giving play to team power to pursue the collective cause.

"Enterprising" means the spirit that the Dawnrays Pharma’s staff will constantly pursue excellence. We believe that the glorious future only belongs to those longing for continuous development; and the success of Dawnrays Pharma and its staff can only be realized by constant autocriticism and endless exploration and innovation.

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