Cecoride™, For Quick Itching Relieving and Anti-allergy

“When spring blossoms comes and at the same time of enjoying flowers and grasses as well as delicious food, some people experiences erythema and pruritus due to individual physique, and some others will experience nasal itching and sneezing. Those are exactly the sufferers of skin allergy. Generally those people will go to hospital and see a doctor for the first time and the doctors always use Cecoride™ to relieve the pain of those patients. Those who suffers allergy year in year out will get used to directly buy the familiar anti-allergic drug in pharmacy-Cecoride™. This is Cecoride™, an old brand of anti-allergic drug. Not like those anti-allergic drugs that cost more than RMB 20 or 30, Cecoride™ has a low price of less than RMB 10 and an excellent effect.

Cetirizine is the anti allergic drug that was developed by Belgium UCB Company and was marketed with the trade name of Zyrtec® in 1987 successively in France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and America. The results of foreign clinical trial shown that cetirizine has a better and quicker effect on acute and chronic urticaria, seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis than that of other second generation anti allergic drugs (such as Terfenadine, Astemizole and Loratadine , etc.). It only requires one time administration each day with a mild adverse reaction.Therefore, it was approved to be OTC drug in 2006 by SFDA. Cetirizine has been the antihistamine that is most extensively used in European countries, America and Canada , etc..

In 1998, Dawnrays Pharma became the first one that successfully researched and manufactured the raw material and tablet of Cetirizine Hydrochloride (the trade name is Cecoride™) with the new drug registry classification of category IV. In order to verify Cecoride™’s consistency of the aspects of effective strength, effectual time and adverse reaction with that of foreign similar products, Dawnrays Pharma implemented the clinical trial of Cecoride™ in representation large hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi’an with the randomized controlled method, comparing with foreign Cetirizine products of Zyrtec and Cetrizet, etc.. According to the result, Cecoride™ has the same effect with that of foreign similar products, and the statistics show that there is no significant difference in adverse reaction rate between the two groups. This shows that the Cecoride™ made by Dawnrays Pharma has the equal effect with similar foreign products and can completely replace imported products.

Since it was marketed in 1998, the market reaction towards Cecoride™ produced by Dawnrays Pharma was very well. According to the data of China medicine statistics annual report, Cecoride™ has maintained its leading brand position amongst anti allergic drugs for more than ten years. So far, it is still the brand that is the first in sales volume in Cetirizine products.

Product Features:

1. Quick kicking,the allergic symptoms will be relieving 20 minutes after administration;

2. It can effectively relieve the symptoms of sneezing, running nose, nasal obstruction and nasal itching , etc..

3. The effective rate for relieving itching is up to 92%;

4. It has unique function of anti allergic inflammation, which can effectively reduce the recurrence frequency of allergy;

5. It can obviously improve the bronchial hyper-responsiveness of patients with asthma.


1. Cecoride™ has been marketed successfully for 18 years with the annual sales volume of millions of packs. It is the old brand of anti allergic drug with solid market basis;

2. Cecoride™ is the OTC anti-allergic drug that has the highest cost performance. The retail price of Cecoride™ 10mg 12 tablets in pharmacy is only about RMB 10;

3. Cecoride™ has an obvious effect on itching relieving and allergic rhinitis. Patients will choose to buy it continuously if it was used by them. Besides, they even recommend it to families and friends;

4. Cecoride™ is the domestic first generic Cetirizine Hydrochloride products. The Pharmacopeia specification of Cetirizine Hydrochloride in “China Pharmacopeia” is drafted by Dawnrays Pharma;

5. Cecoride™ is the famous brand in Jiangsu province and also the high-new technical product in Jiangsu province.

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