Its Chinese name, i.e. "Dawnrays", reads "Dong Rui" and conveys a meaning of the auspicious sign from the east. "Dong" refers to the place of sunrising (East), Dawnrays Pharma was established in Suzhou, a east city of China and China is an acient civilization in the east. "Rui" includes the meaning of peacefulness and gloriousness, and Dawnrays Pharma will devote itself to the health of human beings.

Its English name, i.e. "Dawnrays", consists of both words of Dawn and Rays, meaning the brilliant aurora at the dawn and the rising sun, which is a vivid representation of the corporate spirit.

Its logo is composed of both square and circle shaped geometric figures, representing the first letter of "Dawnrays". The simple style combination of geometric figures of square and circle symbolizes the down-to-earth and rigorous work attitude of Dawnrays Pharma and its corporate concepts of exploration, innovation, and pursuit of excellence.

The logo is in dark green, conveys a figurative meaning of life and health and a sense of vitality and thriving.

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